Lot A14: Poverty

Best Bid so far: KES. 38,000 | Min. Increment: 4,000

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Auction Date & Time 06/30/2023 5:00 PM
Place of Auction K'Osewe Westlands, 20 Sports Road, off Mvuli Rd
Type of Auction Private Auction
Reserve Price 55,000
Commitment Fee 0
Minimum Increment 4,000
Registration Number
Engine Size 0cc
Previous Owners
Mileage 0
RAM - in GB 0
HDD - in GB 0
Processor Speed 0.0
Ownership Title N/A
Development N/A
Property Use N/A
Property Location
Viewing Details Interested bidders can view the piece by booking an appointment via email
Conditions of Sale 1. The piece is sold as it is. Please verify the details prior to the placing your bid as the details are not warranted by the auctioneer. 2. Bidding and approval of bids will be online via this platform. 3. The winning bidder shall be required to pay the purchase price in full at the fall of the hammer or a non-refundable minimum deposit of 50% of the purchase price and clear the balance within 7 days from the date of the auction. 4. The winning bidder shall be responsible for the shipment costs of the piece won.
More Details SIZE: 10*14 INCHES. MEDIUM: Charcoal and graphite on paper. INSPIRATION: It’s a young boy who craves attention, affection, good clothes and also good physical home environment so this drawing was inspired by my life story. My dad passed on 2006, since then I always crave his affection and a father’s attention. When I was young, I was brought up in a poor family. whereby I didn’t have nice clothes nor good house environment so in this regard, I was inspired to draw “POVERTY”. ARTIST: Wamae Kelvin